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>Talana commented:
><<< By the way, the last time I was in the Asian market, I saw 
>little plastic containers of blood in the meat section.  Any idea 
>what kind they might be? I don't read Chinese and couldn't find 
>anyone to ask. >>>
>Okay, probably a "city boy" question, but what is the texture of the 
>blood when it is sold this way? Is it a dry cake? Or liquid? Or 
>something in-between? I assume it clots, but I have no idea if it 
>stays that way or whether it is ground up or other liquid is added 
>to it or just what. I'm assuming that it needs to be kept 
>Just in case folks are wondering what to do with it, here are a few 
>dishes period dishes that might use it.
>Blood-Soup-art (12K) 12/26/00 "Polish Black Soup - Czarnina" by 
>Casamira Jawjalny, O.L.

Looking at that, it isn't a period dish. It's "an old family recipe 
attributed to Frances Wloszczynska,1895."

Doing a quick search for "blood" in our recipe collection:

Fylettes en Galentyne
  Two Fifteenth Century p. 8 (GOOD)

Take fair pork, the fore quarter, and take off the skin; and put the 
pork on a fair spit, and roast it half enough; then take it off and 
smite it in fair pieces, and cast it on a fair pot; then take onions 
and shred them and peel them, and not too small, and fry in a pan of 
fair grease; then cast them in the pot to the pork; then take good 
broth of mutton or of beef, and cast thereto, and cast thereto powder 
pepper, canel, cloves, and mace, and let them boil well together; 
then take fair bread, and vinegar, and steep the bread with the same 
broth, and strain it on blood, with ale, or else with saunders, and 
salt, and let them boil enough, and serve it forth.
Mete of Cypree
Curye on Inglysch p. 55 (Diuersa Cibaria no. 56)

Vor mete of Cypree. Vurst nim of alemauns, &  hwyte of heom one 
pertie, ah hwyte summe hole & _e o_ur do to grinden. So__en nim _e 
hole alemauns & corf heom to quartes; so__en nim fat bro_ & swete of 
porc o_ur of v_ur vlehs; tempre _in alemauns & so__en drauh out _i 
milke & so _e do hit in an veyre crouhe. So__en nim _e braun of 
chapouns o_ur of hennen o_ur of porc, & ef noed is let hakken, & 
so__en do in a morter _at hit beo wel igronden, & so__en nym hit & do 
hit to _e milke. So__en nim blod of cycchen o_ur of o_ur beste, & 
so__en grind hit & do hit to _e vlesche. So__en do _e crouhe to _e 
vure & seo_ hit wel; & so__en nym gode poudre of spices: gynger, 
kanel, maces, quibibes, and so zeo_ hit wi_ _ilke metee. So__en nim 
wyn & sucre & make me an stronge soupe. Do hit in _ilke to zeo_en. 
So__en nym flour of ris & do a quantite _at hit beo wel _ikke. So__en 
nim _in alemauns icoruen & frie heom wel in grece; so__en nim gynger 
& par yt wel & heuw hit. So__en nym _in alemauns yfried & _i gynger 
to _e dressur, & so do hit to _ilke mete, & so__en nym saffron & 
colore wel _i mete: & gef _at to gode men vor god mete & riche.

Version with modernized English: For meat of Cyprus. First take of 
almonds, & blanche of them one part, the white should be whole & the 
other do to grind. Then take the whole almonds & carve them to 
quarters; then take fat broth & suet of pork or of other flesh; 
temper thine almonds & then draw out thy milk & then do it in a fair 
crock. Then take the meat of capons or of hens or of pork, & if need 
is let it be hacked, & then do in a mortar that it be well ground, & 
then take it & do it to the milk. Then take blood of chicken or of 
other beast, & then grind it & do it to the flesh. Then do the crock 
to the fire & seethe it well; & then take good powder of spices: 
ginger, canel, maces, cubebs, and so seethe it with that meat. Then 
take wine & sugar & make me a strong soup. Do it in that to seethe. 
Then take flour of rice & do a quantity that it be well thick. Then 
take thine almonds carved & fry them well in grease; then take ginger 
& pare it well & hew it. Then take thine almonds yfried & thy ginger 
to the dresser, & so do it to this meat, & then take saffron & color 
well thy meat: & give that to good men for good meat & rich.

David Friedman

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