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Lentils only turn up once in medievalcookery.com' s index. I just
found that mention but I'll repeat it here.
Das Kochbuch des Meisters Eberhard
(Lentils are moderately hot and dry out and make much blood. If they  
are boiled with vinegar, they extinguish the inflammation of the  
blood. Those who eat much of them get dark eyes because they dry out  
the body so much. Avicenna says that they damage the stomach and cause  
gas and constipate.)

They only turn up once in EEBO under lentil* and subject cookery and  
that's in the 1653 French Cook. Here are those mentions:

43. Potage of lentilles.

After they are well sod, and seasoned with butter, salt, and a bundle  
of hearbs, take up, and serve.

You may put them upon the potage with some oile, after they are salted.


AFter they are well sod, passe them in the pan with fresh butter,  
salt, peper, a little of fine hearbs, and chibols, when they are well  
fried, serve them.

You may serve them like pease broth; if you finde them hard to be  
passed (or strained) stamp them in a mortar.

They may also be served with salat oile pas∣sed in the panne.

May not be that many recipes.

We didn't index any for the Concordance. Let me do some more checking.


On Mar 8, 2011, at 2:22 PM, Cat . wrote:

> not particular to period, or location (norther Europe and 13-1500s  
> is fine, but
> honestly I adore mujadarah (though have not found a period recipe  
> for it)
> I am looking specifically for vegetarian or better yet vegan safe.  
> (last week I
> did a pea soup that has onions browned in olive oil, and is seasoned  
> with
> pepper, (I added some salt) and herbs.  dont want to repeat but  
> something
> similar would thrill me
> In Curiosity
> Gwen Cat
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