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We just did one from the new version of Apicius (not my copy so I don't have
it here to give you details). The recipe may be named "Lentils and Leeks".
It was basic cooked lentils with equal parts (or rather flavor-balanced
parts) of defrutum (we made ours out of Manachevitz grape, spices, boiled it
down to 1/3), honey, and red wine vinegar.  A nice full-bodied vinegar gives
a good balance with the other two sweeter things.  We did plain brown
lentils with this along with some caramelized leek slices and it was

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Thanks Johnnae,
you are fast and good, as always.
hm...boiled and with vinegar... not too bad.. But butter I think would count
'animal fat' and thus a nono in this specific case...
I seem to recall chibols are onions?

Gwen Cat


snippingMissed this recipe. It was at the top of the search. It's not
This is an excerpt from An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook
(Andalusia, 13th c. - Charles Perry, trans.)
The original source can be found at David Friedman's website

A Muzawwara (Vegetarian Dish) Beneficial for Tertian Fevers and Acute  
Fevers. Take boiled peeled lentils and wash in hot water several  
times; put in the pot and add water without covering them; cook and  
then throw in pieces of gourd, or the stems [ribs] of Swiss chard, or  
of lettuce and its tender sprigs, or the flesh of cucumber or melon,  
and vinegar, coriander seed, a little cumin, Chinese cinnamon, saffron  
and two ?qiyas of fresh oil; balance with a little salt and cook.  
Taste, and if its flavor is pleasingly balanced between sweet and  
sour, [good;] and if not, reinforce until it is equalized, according  
to taste, and leave it to lose its heat until it is cold and then serve.



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