[Sca-cooks] Fasting for Lent

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Wed Mar 9 08:59:29 PST 2011

Greetings all, and welcome to Lent.  

Many years ago several of us here discussed doing Lenten fasts with various
levels of medieval diet, whether to observe for a religious nature or as a
medieval persona exercise.  I am not a Catholic, but am always interested in
ways to get in touch with the life of my persona.  I know that after a full
6 weeks of a medieval Lenten diet I was extremely tired of white fish, and
felt I had made a very real connection with Christianna's life!  LOL


Each year since I've used the 6 week period to eliminate something from my
diet. I've done corn, sugar, New World Foods, and others.  This year I'm
going back to sugar.  It is something I need to eliminate anyway, and I felt
better when I did it before.  I know I should do it all the time, but
something about having a pre-set fast time all ready to go and in place
makes it much easier to do.  Perhaps there is something to this tapping into
the subconscious of all those people sharing some sort of deprivation with
you.  I know giving up sugar doesn't sound like much of a deprivation, but
my body is addicted to it, and it will be a struggle for sure.  I have fresh
fruits stocked up and am not limiting my use of honey or agave, although I
won't use much.  


Fat Tuesday here was a glorious bright spring day, and today it is dark,
gray, and rainy.  It isn't affecting my mood though, I'm actually looking
forward to the discipline of the time period to keep me on my task.  

Is anyone else fasting for Lent or for Spring?  What do you hope to get out
of it?  Will you go back after your fast is over?



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