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Ah thank you
the original and original translation are now in the recipe booklet.  I am 
omitting the ginger and the bread in the final version I am preparing - the 
bread to accomodate those low carb/gluten challenged folks and the ginger 
because my beef dish has ginger and if someone (not that anyone has contacted 
me) has an allergy issue, they can eat everything BUT the beef.

And I forgot in my prior posts.. THANKS to EVERY ONE who posted lentil 

One final question, since I already have the carrots (bought before I realized I 
did not have the recipe I thought I did) can anyone point me to that period 
Roman 'recipe' for carrot sticks?

In thanks and service
Gwen Cat

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On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 12:39 PM, Cat . <tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Brighid or Juana Isabella, do you have the original???Can you tell
> what spices maybe missing?

The original Spanish is in the Florilegium file.  Sorry, I forgot to
include the link in my previous message.

The Spanish text just says "especias molidas" (ground spices).  Like
many other period recipes, it allows cooks to make their own choices.
Antoine's spice choices are consistent with the spice palette for
Spain in that era (1609 -- early 17th century), but other spice
combinations would be entirely reasonable.

I just wanted to make it clear that the unspecified spices are
ingredients separate from the parsley and mint.  Those would be
indentified as 'hierbas' (herbs).

Brighid ni Chiarain


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