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On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 5:35 AM, Claire Clarke <angharad at adam.com.au> wrote:
>> This is one from late 16th century Spain that I discovered when
> digging around online for 16th century Spanish recipes last year.
> I picked the translation off someone's blog - apologies for the lack
> of credit if it was yours!

A little googling shows that the blog in question belongs to Duchess
Juana Isabella, who is a member of this list.  The recipe, as she
indicated, was translated by Dan Gillespie (SCA: Antoine de Bayonne).
Ah well thank you Juana, and Dan (I held onto the name of the translator,
but I couldn't work out who the blogger was) it's a recipe I really liked.

'Caldo' means 'broth' in Spanish, but it and the word for 'hot'
('caliente') both come from the same Latin root.
Heh, that is what I get for leaping to conclusions (I speak French and
Italian but not Spanish so it's a bit too easy to make semi-educated guesses
some times

I have one question about your redaction: are you deliberately
omitting spices?  The recipe says to add ground spices, mint, and
parsley.  Mint and parsley are herbs.  Ground spices ('especias
molidas') might include such things as black pepper, cinnamon, cloves,
etc.  Antoine's redaction of this recipe is in the Florilegium file
for lentils, and he includes pepper, ginger, cumin, coriander (seed, I
assume), cloves, and salt.
I can't remember if it was deliberate (to avoid repeating flavours elsewhere
in that feast, or just an oversight (it was a big feast with a lot of new
dishes). I have a vague feeling I may have read that redaction and decided
it was too spicy for some reason. It's also possible that I had recently
eaten a really excellent lentil and beetroot salad made by a local
restaurant and my brain conflated the two.


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