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LOL - Stefan, always with the questions!
One of my "others" was last year - I believe I started out giving up salt,
and then my life got "interesting" and I abandoned the fast and everything
that went along with it.  Since then I have dramatically reduced sodium in
my diet so it all worked out.  
When I eliminated corn I did indeed look out for all of its derivatives - so
very hard to do!  First thing I put in my mouth of the first morning had BBQ
sauce on it, and sure enough - HFCS!  And yes, popcorn was among the first
things I ate at the end of that one!  
For this year, sugar and corn syrup are both on the 'things to avoid' list.
Interestingly enough, the thing I keep running into in my house which is
stocked with natural and organic foods is Evaporated Cane Juice.  It was in
the GF pie shell I wanted to use last night, and in my Oatmeal box this
morning (I am opting for a GF pancake I made and froze last week that is
sweetened with honey).  
In years past I have let myself have small indulgences on Sundays, although
that isn't as useful from a health standpoint.  We'll see how it goes.

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Christianna said:
<<< Each year since I've used the 6 week period to eliminate something from
diet. I've done corn, sugar, New World Foods, and others.  This year I'm
going back to sugar. >>>

I remember you doing fasts in previous years, but I didn't realize you'd
done so many. It would be interesting to hear more of your experiences.
Which ones were the most difficult? What were the "others"? Did any of these
make particular impressions on you? Did your "corn" fast include things like
corn syrup? I could see that as being very difficult, but then I eat many
processed foods. Do you find yourself splurging on the "forbidden" foods
after you end your fast?

This year are you including corn syrup in your prohibitions? Or just cane
and beet sugar?

I commend your diligence and perseverance.


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