[Sca-cooks] Pascha Easter Basket History?

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Mar 10 06:21:54 PST 2011

>I tried there and was unable to get anyone to 
>respond.  So I thought I would try here again.
>If I can not document the basket history I would 
>like to try to document the food items.  A 
>period Northern European Sausage(Kohl-ba'-ssi), 
>Egg Cheese(Hrutka or Sirets), HORSERADISH 
>(Hrin),and the bread PASCHA/KULICH.

Rumpolt uses "Krehn" for horseradish.  Some 
recipes list both names, others only "Merrettich".

Not under that name, but there is a recipe that 
sound like it might be like egg cheese.

Zugemüß 60.   Break eggs/ beat them well 
together/ and salt them/ let run through a hair 
cloth/ and toss it in a milk that simmers/ stir 
well until it comes to a boil/ that it does not 
burn/ when it has cooked/ then pour it on a 
strainer/ let the cheese water run from it/ and 
weight it a little/ and let become cold/ when it 
is cold/ then turn it over on a board/ and cut 
small or long/ as you will have it/ brown in hot 
butter/ put it in a pepper (sauce)/ or in an 
almond gescharb (sauce) or an apple gescharb 
(sauce)/ like this it is also a good food.

And of there are lots of sausage recipes, but not under that name.


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