[Sca-cooks] medieval capirotada

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Here is the Rumpolt version.

Caperdatten  to make with its accompaniments.

1. Roasted pheasant.
2. Roasted partridge.
3. Roasted goose.
4. Roasted capon.
5. Roasted young chicken.
6. Roasted thrush.
7. Toasted bread.
8. Gilded bread (french toast). That all is warm.
10. Roasted pieces??

Take a boiled hen's liver/ and hard boiled egg yolks/ crush together 
with parmesan cheese/  and take a little garlic with it/ strain it 
with beef broth/ that is lightly salted/ make it yellow/ set on 
coals/ and let simmer.  Then carve the large poultry/ and dismember 
them/ however leave the middle (sized) poultry whole.  Also take to 
it a pork carbonado/ or a pork roast/ slice it there under/ roast 
pork and liver sausages to it/ put toasted bread in the broth/ that 
you have strained with garlic/ make yellow with saffron/ take them 
out with a  spoon/

lay them in the dish next to each other/ sprinkle them with parmesan 
cheese/ lay the birds/ that you have carved/ on the slices/ and the 
whole birds beween/ with the roasted pork meat and sausages/ lay more 
toasted slices over it/ and sprinkle them with parmesan cheese/ lay 
more birds over it/ sausages and meat between/ again lay toasted 
slices over it/ sprinkle with parmesan cheese/ and over the toasted 
slices/ lay gilded slices (french toast)/  that are fried with eggs/ 
and are nicely warm/ and over the gilded slices again sprinkle 
parmesan cheese.

Take the broth/ that you have made with garlic/ pour over the toasted 
slices and birds/ what is in it/ set it there with on coals/ and 
often pour over it the hot broth with garlic/ so the birds will be 
nicely warm/ and when you will give it on a table/ then sprinkle it 
well with parmesan cheese.  Take hot bacon/ that is cut into fine 
cubes/ and is well hot/ pour it over the dish/ so the cheese melts 
together/ quickly cover with another dish/ and let it be carried thus 
warm on a table/ like this it is a lordly good dish/ and one finds 
good little pieces?? in it/ where it is happily eaten with garlic and 
parmesan cheese.

You can also take under it fried (sunny side up) eggs/ that one calls 
Ox eyes/ and one such dish one can prepare on three or four tables/ 
and it takes a cook two days to prepare it.  Because he has to do/ 
that the birds are plucked and cleaned/ and the slices from weck 
bread toasted/ and the other things he has to prepare/ that all 
things are made ready for the meal.  And it must be a good fast cook/ 
that dresses such food on four tables.

If you will have it in another manner/ then make a broth prepared 
with garlic and beef broth/ with egg yolks well thick strained/ 
cooked with meat/ pour quickly over the slices/ like this it is 
delicate and well tasting.  And such a dish one calls caperdatten.

Also  Hecht 26.

26.  A Caperdatti made from fried pike/ and from various fried fish/ 
be they small or large/ also fried ox eyes (fried sunny side up 
eggs)/ from eggs which the yolks/ are cooked hard/ laid between/ 
crush with garlic/ strain through (a sieve) with a pea broth/ mix 
with pepper and saffron/ and look/ that you do not over salt.  And 
when you have prepared the Caperdatti in a dish with fried fish and 
golden slices (french toast) and toasted slices/ also sprinkled with 
parmesan cheese/ let stay on coals with the dish/ or with the silver 
(dish?). And when you will give out on a table/ then grease it well 
with hot butter/ and cover/ that it comes warm on the table.  Thus 
one cooks Caperdatti from fish.

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