[Sca-cooks] Digby and coriander

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Sun Mar 13 09:56:46 PDT 2011

>I have a question.  I see that Digby (Closet Opened) uses coriander seed
>in a few places, but does not appear to use coriander leaf (aka cilantro).
>Was coriander leaf not used at the time in England?  If not, does anyone
>have a theory as to why?

Rumpolt also appears to use coriander seed occasionally but not the leaves.

I've grown coriander in my garden, and there are two kinds.  The kind 
bred for seed has much finer leaves and goes to see faster than the 
kind bred for leaves.  So my theory would be that they didn't grow 
the kind that makes nice bushy leaves.  Or that coriander seed was 
imported and not grown locally.


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