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It does seem that coriander was not well known in England at the middle of the 16th century. There is an entry in William Turner's herbal "The Name of Herbs" that says the following:
"Coriandrum or Corianun is called in Greek Corion & corianon in English Colander or coriander, in German koriander, & in French coriandre. It is hot in the first degree after Auerrhois, I think that he means of the seed."
Auerrhois, I believe refers to a 12th century Muslim polymath aka Averroes or Averrhois.
William Turner had a considerable knowledge of Herbs & Spices known in England and Western Europe during the mid 16th century, and this sparse entry seems (compared to others in the same text) to indicate less familiarity.


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I have a question.  I see that Digby (Closet Opened) uses coriander seed
in a few places, but does not appear to use coriander leaf (aka cilantro).

Was coriander leaf not used at the time in England?  If not, does anyone
have a theory as to why?

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