[Sca-cooks] An Atlantian passing-Info from Last January

Sharon Palmer ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Thu Mar 17 04:51:50 PDT 2011

>One assumes that there must have been complications from the 
>surgery, but that is only a guess...

On March 12, Mistress Kiri's Facebook page had this
<Jim reporting> Well, we're not heading home today. The percocet they 
gave Elaine for pain reacted badly in her stomach with the 
newly-restored solid food diet, so she's feeling kind of nauseous 
today (she's OK otherwise). Decided to rest/recover (after meds 
adjusted) and try for home again tomorrow.

And then silence.

March 6 Mistress Kiri wrote:
I just had a thought...this month is Colon Cancer Awareness month. My 
surgery tomorrow is to remove a polyp that is not yet malignant...not 
yet cancer. It was found with a colonoscopy. Point being: Please, 
please be sure to have colonoscopies on a regular basis after you 
turn 50. And if there's a history of the disease in your family, do 
it earlier!

Someone else added :
If you live in one of the CRCCP-funded states, you may be eligible 
for free or low-cost colorectal cancer screening. If you are not 
eligible for the program, or live outside the areas in which the 
CRCCP operates, please call 1 (800) 4-CANCER or 1 (800) ACS-2345 to 
learn more about screening options in your community. You also may be 
able to find information about free or low-cost screening by calling 
your local department of health"

My father and grandmother both died from colon cancer.  If you 
haven't been tested recently, schedule one, I will.

She was a great lady.  I wish there had been time to know her better, 
but it was a privilege to know her at all.  Last year, I almost went 
to her event, but it was too far (8 hours each way), too expensive, 
and I put it off, and I thought next year for sure.


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