[Sca-cooks] to roast a cook?

Huette von Ahrens ahrenshav at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 19 19:18:25 PDT 2011

Jeez, you guys, just don't understand.
How do you roast a cook?  You invite him/her to the Friar's Club and have comedians make fun of his life and cooking.  That is how you roast a cook,
Example:  How does Cariadoc make cuskynoles?  With grace.
How does Master A make cuskynoles?  Adamantly.
How do I cut cuskynole dough?  I don't cut it, I hew it.
How do I eat a cuskynole?  I don't.  I chew it.
We need to find a large room under the rock and call it the Fryer's Club and do this at least annually.  :-D


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