[Sca-cooks] Preseindel

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Sat Mar 19 19:33:39 PDT 2011

I've gone looking in my more modern but older Italian cookbooks and the 
closest thing I can find to the recipe is Bistecca Nel Tergame, Pan Broiled 
Steak, and it's not that close.  The recipe for Preseindel is actually 
closer to the recipe for steak from Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks (IIRC).

That being said, there is a note in the Phillips translation of Pellegrino 
Artusi's The Art of Eating Well, "In Artusi's day pharmacists used 
"presine," which were one inch square wafers to dispense liquid medicines." 
It is possible that the the word is being used to refer to wafers of meat in 
an Italian recipe.  However, locating that precise usage may be a problem 
and is best attacked by a student of the language.


> I've been looking at Rumpolt's recipes for Preseindel/ Priseindel (he 
> spells it both ways), and Katherine suggested that it sounded Italianish. 
> Does that ring a bell with anyone that knows the Italian recipes better 
> than I do?
> The dish is strips of meat, pounded thin, marinated in vinegar or 
> verjuice, taken from the marinade, fried in butter, then the marinade, a 
> little broth, spices and herbs are added and cooked quickly.
> I've been told there is also a recipe in Rontzier.
> Ranvaig

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