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On the Green Channel there is a show called Quantum Kitchen. It is all about the modernist food/chemistry. It is interesting how they can alter foods to make it taste like something else.
What is it called in the culinary world when you make something to look like something else?

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Actually the website
  is pretty amazing and is good to look at.

There are a huge number of press articles-
Wired, NYT, WSJ, Time, Scientific American, etc. that can be read  
I just googled "modernist cuisine" in Google news to see a good  
selection of them.

It has recipes, but I suspect the real value will be in the  
explanations of techniques.
I'm very interested in what they have to say about gelatins.
The photography and diagrams are supposed to be on the cutting edge.

(They cut things in half so you can see the processes in action.)
Lots of sous-vide cooking according to John Lanchester who did the  
article on it for the New Yorker.



The problem is that they did an initial publishing run of 6,000 and  
those are promised now.
They say they also encountered problems at the bindery, so the initial  
sets were delayed.
Amazon's pre-orders went from arriving in February to arriving now as  
late as April. First come, first served!
  Everyone who orders now gets second printing copies maybe in June.  
People who really want a set might consider buying their copies from  
Kitchen Arts and Letters in NYC. They are discounting and including a  
gift certificate. It weighs over 40 plus pounds so shipping costs are  
a problem.

Hope this helps,


On Mar 20, 2011, at 12:27 PM, Huette von Ahrens wrote:

> Amazon lists the price as being $461.62, but they say it isn't in  
> stock.  I checked several other sources and some places want even  
> more enormous sums for this set.  One place wants over $1000.00 for  
> it while Powells, usually a reasonable source, wants $702.
> If this book had been Medievalist Cuisine, I would be willing to  
> fork over the Amazon price, but for something modern?  No.  However,  
> if you should decide to purchase this, let us know and hopefully you  
> will be willing to share some of the recipes with us.
> Huette
> --- On Sun, 3/20/11, David Walddon <david at vastrepast.com> wrote:
> What is the cheapest anyone has seen this at?
> I have been thinking of buying it (mostly because I think Johnna is  
> right it will be "one of those books") but I REALLY don't want to  
> spend $650. I have seen it for $485. ANyone else?
> Eduardo
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