[Sca-cooks] Mishmishiya question

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As you say, venison is pretty lean meat, so I'd be at least a little concerned about that.  Even when I've made mishmishiya with lamb, I find that I need to add some rendered lamb fat to get to my best guess of what the recipe is calling for.  I'm surprised that you're running into such high prices, though -- this is the time of year when lamb prices usually drop.  While I haven't looked for it yet this year, I've found whole leg of lamb in my area (northern NJ) for less than $3/lb at local grocery stores in past years.

-- Galefridus

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> Has anyone substituted venison for lamb in this dish? It says fat meat,
> which the venison is not. I am just in a quandary while looking for a lamb
> that won't cost me someone elses next born child. I have venison. I was
> also thinking of using venison in the Rutabiya. I don't want to futz too
> much with the integrity of either dish.
> Aldyth

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