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Deborah Hammons mistressaldyth at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 14:41:24 PDT 2011

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  To answer many questions with one
email.  :-)) Your Grace, His Grace the Highness isn't insisting on the
cuisine choice, the event steward would "like" something along that line.
 She has never cooked a feast to my knowledge, and doesn't understand the
logistics and cost per person at all.  She is however "learning"."-))

The event is 125 miles from my house.  I have never set foot in the kitchen,
but have seen pictures.  I can't get into the kitchen until the morning of
the feast.  They have told me about the budget, but the person cutting
checks has been silent.  So I am in a holding pattern.  While they would
like a menu yesterday, without concrete information on the budget and how
they plan to reimburse, I get to fidget.

My current inclination is to stay "middle eastern" but combine a new dish or
two with some comfortable stand bys.  And make sure I can either cook them
ahead of time, or cook them onsite. I also get to bring all the pots and
pans and serving trays, etc.

ON to more pondering.


On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 2:45 PM, Sam Wallace <guillaumedep at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Then there are actual Ottoman recipes, which i have translated into
> English - none using venison, however, since the Ottomans didn't eat game
> much, if at all.
> I suspect that while game dishes were not often served at court, they
> were enjoyed in the field. There are plenty of depictions from Ottoman
> manuscripts of hunting and hawking. While it is possible that the meat
> was not consumed by the nobles involved, it seems unlikely that it
> would not be eaten.
> Guillaume
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