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> Does someone have handy the entry from de Nola on Flaon?  (Flan)

You rang?

Custard Which Is a fritter

Take new cheese, and curds which should be very dry, and grind them
well in a mortar with as much again of eggs; and you can also put a
little of fat buttery cheese which should be grated and ground with
the new cheese, and the curds, all together with a little dried and
powdered mint; and then cast a little rosewater into the mortar, and
it should not be much, but medium, and then make dough of very good
flour, and knead it with sweet oil, which is very fine, and in such a
manner that it is very well-kneaded, and that it remains and becomes
very hard; and then make from the said dough some empanadillas to put
the cheese into; but before you put them in and you fill them, warm
the dough a little, however it should be firm; and after filling them
with the said pottage, and before the empanadillas or custards are all
filled, take some little tongs and shirr the edges.  And then they go
to the fire to cook.  And when they are cooked, that they have lost
the color on top and have a little color; then as they are hot, cast
on them melted honey or sugar syrup, but not made with rosewater; and
when they have absorbed the honey or the syrup, cast sugar and
cinnamon on top of them.

Ruperto de Nola, Libro de Guisados (Spain, 1529)
Translation: Brighid ni Chiarain (Robin Carroll-Mann)

Brighid ni Chiarain
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