[Sca-cooks] Mishmishiya question

Sam Wallace guillaumedep at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 21:35:06 PDT 2011

 > Regards mishmishiya the translation I have, David Waines's, only says 
"fat meat".  While his worked out recipe calls for lamb, just what other 
"fat meat" was available to al-Baghdadi in the 13th century?  Mutton and 
goat first come to mind but were there other "fat meat" available and 
acceptable for use?  I suggest that camel, horse, and beef are 
possibilities.  Of those beef would be the meat most available to us at 
present.  Could someone more knowledgeable than I of Islamic dietary law 
and practice weigh in?

There's a pretty good write-up of Halal and Kosher dietary law 
concerning meat here: http://meat.tamu.edu/kosher.html

Additionally, this page goes more in-depth concerning Halal 
(http://www.central-mosque.com/fiqh/fhalal1.htm). Notice that quite a 
bit of the list of Halal meats are those of game animals. Also notice 
that there are some differences between Halal and Kosher (camel and 
rabbit, for example).

I hope this is of benefit to you.


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