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My favorite grilled cheese adds mayo as a spread, uses Black Diamond
brand cheese slices, and adds ham. I also once had a deliciously
different sandwich made with apple slices, caramelized onion, grainy
mustard, and I think ham (it was at least 6 years ago now). Although
if you consider a Reuben a grilled cheese variant, take out the
Thousand Island dressing, and it is DEFINITELY my favorite


On 3/26/11, Saint Phlip <phlip at 99main.com> wrote:
> Was making up some grilled cheese sandwiches for me and Margali for
> lunch yesterday, and discovered we were out of butter, so I made a
> quick trip down to the local tiny grocery store, and lo and behold,
> right there next to the butter, were quarts ands half gallons of raw
> milk ;-) Went ahead and grabbed a quart, brought it home, and
> discovered the dairy producing it is just a couple miles away from
> here. Suspect there will finally be some real milk, with a sensible
> butter fat content in my future, as well as fresh and maybe a couple
> of aged cheeses ;-)
> And, speaking of cheeses, I've been experimenting with grilled cheese
> sandwiches a bit, trying to improve the flavor. The classic, American
> cheese on white bread is just so bland, but using straight cheddar
> cheese means the cheese breaks down into basically oil and cheese
> grit. Today's experiment was buttering the (multi grain) bread, laying
> it in the pan, laying thin slices of a good cheddar, to just cover the
> bread, then laying thin slices of Velveeta, same way, covering the
> cheese with another slice of bread (buttered side up), frying until
> brown, then flipping with a spatula.
> It came out very tasty- it had the lovely flavor of the sharp cheddar,
> but the texture of the melted Velveeta (a bit of the texture of the
> cheddar and the flavor of the Velveeta as well, but not annoyingly so)
> and the strength of the multi grain bread to balance it all.
> Was thinking of doing some tomato soup next time, but then rethought.
> I wonder how a nice spicy gazpacho would go with it?
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