[Sca-cooks] 1st to 4th century AD Roman Britain pottery

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I have tried to find the photo of the original online, but the Museum of London is being very slow at the moment.  
Since I cannot post the photo here, I will have to describe it.  It is 4th Century AD Roman British pottery.  The piece that we saw in a book of Roman British pottery was a largish bowl, with C shaped walls, a handle on one side and about 24 holes placed within a circle on the other.  This had been assembled from shards found in an archeological dig somewhere in Britain.  On the same page was another shard.  This had the same hole structure, but had a thrown spout over the holes.  When we put the two together mentally, the piece seemed very attractive to us.  My supposition is that it was meant to make some form of broth.  You cook your broth in this piece.  When it is done, you then can pour the broth off into another container, keeping the solids in the strainer.  Since the majority of what they call "Coarse Roman Ware" was geared towards cooking, it was not difficult to figure out what this piece could have been used for.  Of course,
 there could also be many other applications, but this is just one that I came up with.
Hroar had been very excited about making these, so I am encouraging him.  We are going to have a lot of pottery cookware at Potrero this year.  So bring a lot of money. :-D

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I predict a productive summer and an expensive Potrero.  Spouted Strainers?

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> I saw this article some time ago when I went to see the Silk Road exhibit when it was in Santa Ana, Calif.  Yes it is very inspiring.
> Stamp, maybe.  Mold, definitely.  When Hroar finishs what he is working on for Potrero War [he has been inspired to make Roman mortars and Roman spouted strainers] then I will ask him about making a mold like this.  Then between you and me, we can make  "fruit dumplings in the shape of a plum blossom" that are not only beautiful, but also totally edible.  Yeah us!
> Huette 


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