[Sca-cooks] Size of a period Cheese or Tarte Plate?

Kimetha Steele ksteele at hisadaamerica.com
Mon Mar 28 07:23:30 PDT 2011

The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby", www.gutenberg.org/files/16441<http://www.gutenberg.org/files/16441>, "To make Silpp-coat cheese"

"The size of a regular Tart-plate or Cheese-plate"

My question does anyone know or can direct me to a site where either in inches or millimeters the sizes of the plates above would be in late period?  I trying to work out what the size of a this cheese round would have been?

Waldeturdis von Metten

Kimetha Steele
ksteele at hisadaamerica.com

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