[Sca-cooks] Coping with limited cooking facilities for feast

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You might consider space for crock pots & electric roasters... grills to be used outside. Items that can be pre-cooked. Much will depend on your budget.
I have cooked a feast for about the same number with a field kitchen, so it can be done. This was late Spring when I cooked it and I picked dishes that I know would go well. Two grilled meats and a grilled fish, served with sauces and other items that were well received cold. If you can get a hold of a couple of large rice cookers, that would also be good if you have the electric outlets. 
You can also talk to your autocrate about an auxcillary area where you can set up a number or the electric crock pots, roasters, rice cookers with a power strip to manage them. Just make sure that the electric circuits can take the load.


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I will be serving feast for  72 in a few months. The kitchen has one domestic stove - four burners and one oven, it is also small- about 10x10 feet. Suggestions are welcome on how to work with these limitations, esp what period recipes/foods can be cooked prior to the event and transported easily.  It will be the beginning of summer here. This will be my first feast.


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