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There's an apple and pork pie recipe that I used for a casual dinner this past summer: Heathens’ cakes
(Daz buch von gutter spise, ca. 1350)
These are called heathens’ cakes.  Take a dough, and roll it out until it is very thin.  Add boiled meat, chopped bacon, apples, pepper and eggs.  Bake that and serve it, and don’t spoil it.
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The use of flour is another modern addition. There are several recipes on the web
for Apple and Sausage Pies. For example


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> It's hard to be sure, but it looks like a modern recipe to me.  The use
> of nutmeg would put it at late-medieval. snipped
> - Doc
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>> This recipe tastes yummy, and is believed to be medieval, but any
>> original references are lost.  Can anyone tell me if it matches a real
>> medieval recipe or is a modern concoction?
>> Eyrny
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