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Thu Oct 6 18:34:46 PDT 2011

I was intrigued by 16r of the 1580 portion of Ms Codex 1601 at the
recently shared University of Pensylvania site.


I was wondering if anyone might be really familiar with 16th century
English handwriting to take a look at my transcription?  I'm especially
interested in the third word of the pufpast recipe where there is what I
presume to be a specification for the amount of flour.  I've transcribed
it as qte, of whicb I am not sure of.  And if that is correct, what does
that signify - a quantity?  A quart?

Here's what I came up with:

To make a past for dumpling
Season ye flowre with pepp, salt & yeast
Lett ye water bee maid then warme, then
make them vpp like a manchette, but  lett them
bee sumwhat light, then putt them into ye
water, when it boileth, & lett them boile
an howor & then butter them.

To make pufpast
Take a qte of flowre, & a pound & a halfe
of butter, worke them & also pound of butter
dry into the flowre, then putt 3 or 4
eggs to that, & as much cold water, as will
make itt lieth past, then worke itt in a
peece of a foote longe, then strew a litle
flowre on the table, & take itt by the
end & beate itt vntill itt stretch longe,
then putt the 2 ends togeather & beate
itt againe & soe doe 5 or 6 tymes then
worke itt vpp round & rowle itt vpp broade
then beate ye pound of butter wth a(?)
rowlinge pin that itt may bee lieth, then
take litle-bitte of ye butter & strike itt all
over? The past, then fould vpp ye past close &
crush itt downe with ye rowlinge pin, &
rowle itt out againe & soe do 5 or 6 tymes
then vse itt as yow will.

Thank you to any willing eyes,

Katherine B.

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