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Recipe 73 (44r) has a similar set of characters.  It's line 9 (counting
the number) and says
"boile a qter of an houre, & putt in a peece"

I think this means quarter of an hour, so the qte may be an abbreviation
for quart, or quartern...

I a modern recipe is any indication, 4 cups flour to a little over a pound
of butter and a cup and ahalf of water seem to be the mix.

Careme's classic recipe has 7 cups of floor, 2 eggs yolks, walnut size
measure of butter "nearly a glass of water" for the base dough and 14
ounces of butter.

The more modern recipe in Larousse Gastronomique calls for 4 1/2 cups
flour, salt, 1 1/4 cup water with 18 ounces of butter for the turning. 
This seems pretty close to proportions, if I could use a more modern
recipe as a guide.  I'll continue the hunt through the recipes for more

I think Eduardo is right and experimentation is warranted! I'll bet I
could get some volunteer tasters.


> This might be a quartern which can be either 1/4 stone (roughly 3.5
> pounds)
> or 1/4 peck (2 quarts dry measure).
> Bear
>>I do not think it is a quart.
>> First I would look through other parts of the manuscript to see things
>> that are similar.
>> Does the first symbol look like the other "q"s in the manuscript?
>> Or is it a number? 4?
>> The second symbol looks like the "f"s in the rest of this recipe.
>> Maybe? Maybe not.
>> The third symbol looks an awful lot like some of the "d"s found
>> elsewhere
>> or the "e" with other letters.
>> I think trying to find other measurements within the manuscript is going
>> to give you the best idea.
>> Glad you were sick today! Well not really but you know what I mean!
>> Eduardo
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