[Sca-cooks] Procrastinators 2011: Feast Obstacles and Profuse Thanks

Sandra J. Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Fri Oct 7 05:34:08 PDT 2011

>>On the whole, I was largely successful in sourcing almost everything from local farmers. The nuts and nut oils, of course, and the spices (not the herbs) were from non-local sources. Most of the grains were grown locally.
I'm pleased with how local everything was to be honest.<<


That's rather how it might have been "back in the day," isn't it?  Imported spices, most of the rest relatively local.  You might get things at the local market, but the items sold there mostly probably wouldn't have come from terribly far away.  Or am I misunderstanding how the markets worked?


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