[Sca-cooks] cannellini beans

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Sun Oct 9 22:58:21 PDT 2011

Thank you for some directions. Cannellini is a white bean and some sources
that I have found say the great northern and navy are substitutes. The
recipe is a cannellini torta which one source has the bean as far back as
Roman times but most others pretty much have it in Peru and making it's way
to the Italian states around late 1400s and into the 1500s. The original
recipe that got me curious has no claims of historic origins but when I
looked in other sources of a similar recipe, they claimed to be adaptations
of a renaissance recipe. Of coarse, no citations.
I figured that it is modern but I wanted to see if by chance it could have
been in SCA period. The original recipe that started my quest has cocoa and
vanilla, the "renaissance ones have cinnamon and almonds instead but
everything else is the same.
As weirdness would have it, I received my "La Cucina Italiana magazine
today. It has an article on beans and bean recipes. Their cannellini torta
is called "Flan dolce di cannellini con ricotta e cacao" :)
Thank you again for the help. I will be making both recipes one day just to
see what they taste like.


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