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In case anyone from the distant lands is planning on joining us! 

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> West Coast Culinary Symposium
> Greetings, friends!
> All are welcome to the West Kingdom for a weekend of cooking, tastings
> and feasts! In addition to two days of classes and workshops, the
> Saturday night feast will conclude with a series of presentations by
> Symposium guests. We invite all interested parties to give a talk on
> their latest research project. Papers on the theme of Feast Service
> are especially encouraged, though we welcome submissions on all
> food-related topics.
> The theme of Feast Service can apply to any aspect of period feasting
> practices (e.g. carving, order of courses, tableware, garnishes), or
> to the applications or adaptations of those practices within the
> Society (such as the design or development of a feast event). If you
> have questions about the process of presenting a research paper or
> would like guidance in putting together your presentation, please feel
> free to contact Maestro Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia in An Tir
> (david [at] vastrepast [dot] com) or Viscontessa Vittoria Aureli in
> the West (phoenissa [at] gmail [dot] com). Eduardo and Vittoria are
> experienced researchers and public speakers who will be delighted to
> work with presenters of ALL experience levels!
> In order to submit a proposal for a presentation, please send us a
> title and a brief description of your paper (250 words maximum) BY
> DECEMBER 1, 2011. Please send your proposals and any questions about
> the Saturday night lectures to Viscontessa Vittoria Aureli (phoenissa
> [at] gmail [dot] com). For general questions about the Symposium,
> please contact the autocrats, Duquessa Juana Isabella de Montoya y
> Ramirez (donnaegreen [at] yahoo [dot] com) and Viscountess Ysabella
> Dolfin (rachimov02 [at] yahoo [dot] com).
> The Symposium will take place February 10-12, 2012 in Fairfax, CA
> (just north of San Francisco). For details, please visit the website
> for the event (currently under construction; we will continue to
> update it as the even approaches):
> http://www.compassstarcatering.com/westculinarysymposium2012.html
> We look forward to seeing you there!
> Yours in service,
> Juana Isabella
> Ysabella
> Vittoria
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