[Sca-cooks] Ye Olde Menu: Dormouse, Anyone?

Raphaella DiContini raphaellad at yahoo.com
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I'm amused by the assumption that cooking historically means the ingredients will be much more expensive.  I've done an entire feast from Libro di cucina / Libro per cuoco with four courses, 3-5 dishes per course, historicla serving methods and all for $10 a head. Still, I couldn't be more happy that they've finally gotten over the false idea that anyone would used expensive spices on rotten meat. :) 
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The Wall Street Journal for this am catties this article titled "Ye Olde Menu: Dormouse, Anyone?" which asks
"Had enough bacon ice cream and Korean barbecue? The next food trend-in-the-making may be for you—Ye Olde Recipe."


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