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Thu Oct 27 14:27:15 PDT 2011

On 28/10/2011 9:54 AM, K C Francis wrote:
> I have one of the sets and fully understand that they are a general best guess of the measurements and really only of use for those who don't ever want to estimate.  There is even a new set: Dash, Drop, Smidgen, Pinch, Tad Measuring Spoon Set  which I find great fun.
> I feel that until measurements were standardized and accurate measuring cups/spoons were produced, a recipe produced a (however slightly) different result each time a cook made it and each cook's version was different.  Your hand and my hand are not the same size.  My handful is probably significantly more than yours.  Cooking was usually taught person to person so one could SEE what the amounts looked like.  I remember watching my mother pour salt into the palm of her hand.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I asked.  Aren't you going to MEASURE it!  I learned that once you see a teaspoon of salt in your palm you can quickly come close enough every time.
> Unless I am working with a new ingredient, or a special recipe, I do not use measuring cups/spoons for most things.  Just like my mother.

Geez, even when I write up recipes for other people, I still write 
things like "as much cayenne pepper as you like", "enough flour to make 
a stiff roux", and "a decent slug of vinegar".

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