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Hej Hej
I am on a Crusade to eradicate the horrid myth that prior to refrigeration ancient man/woman ate rotten meat in the middle school and high school curriculum.
So, maybe all school districts within the nation and world maybe a bit too ambitious so I will start in the mundane schools I teach and mentor within.
Here are my questions:
1.What are the oldest laws regarding rotten food being served. I started with the Kosher laws. Are there more? Any written down and documented? 
2. Any etiquette,cookbooks, or medical books that clearly state "Do not use rotten food."
3. Curing/ Preservation methods especially for meat. There is a myth that Medieval English hung out meat to rot before serving. I believe they misunderstood this as part of a curing/aging technique.
My goals is to provide samples of meals from Biblical Times through the Renaissance, including Islamic and Asian cuisine.

I invite all input and suggestions.
I am taking this very personally, because this "feast" will be directed at future and present teachers.

Bless Bless
Aelina Vester-lunder

P.S. Has an Anachronist been written about this topic? 

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