[Sca-cooks] Rotten Food - Elementary Watson

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 15:02:26 PDT 2012

When an American came to visit my niece in Spain she would not buy fresh 
eggs in the local food store as they were not refrigerated. - Due to the 
expiration date of yogurt, food stores return it to the factory where 
the label is changed showing a new expiration date to concur with 
current laws and the yogurt is sent back to the same food store. Honey 
has an expiration date in spite of the fact that it has been found in 
Egyptian pyramids in perfect condition.
I think current American regulations have gone off the deep end. Mice 
eat cheese if you leave it out but not everything in the kitchen pantry.
Concerning myths about drowning food in spices, elementary - stomachs of 
yesteryear could not stand rotten meat. We all know where we will end up 
if we eat it.
Too, one must take into consideration the cost of spices in the Middle 
Ages. We complain about the cost of saffron today - spices were used 
more sparingly because of higher prices during the Middle Ages. I have 
measurements for 7.5 grams. I forget the sugar measurements but it is 
something like a teaspoon in the Middle Ages compared to pounds per 
month or year consumed by individuals today.
Anyway all this is documented so there no way anyone can uphold a 
statement that rotten meat was disguised with spices. We all get deathly 
sick if we eat rotten meat or fish. People who make such statements are 
ignorant and lacking in logic. Perhaps they have never vomited their 
guts out after having eaten bad meat or fish unwittingly. I find it 
boring to try to reason with them.

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