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The four schools are not sects, since their disagreement isn't fundamentally over religion but over the legal rules deduced from the religious sources. Each of them regards the others as orthodox, merely mistaken on some legal points.

The major religious split is Shia vs Sunni. Sufis can be either.

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>As should every church in the modern world.
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>> Just an FYI-- if the four schools of though in Sunni Islamic tradition 
>> are called sects, then Lutherans and Methodists should also be called 
>> sects. Remember that there's also the Shi'a and Sufi traditions as well.
>> Samia- a Modern Methodist
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>>> As there are four major sects of Islamic law, differences of opinion 
>>> do occur, so that one sect may see a food as halal while another sees 
>>> it as haram.  All sects recognize varying degrees under halal and haram.
>>> Bear
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