[Sca-cooks] ham/pork with gold bars

Gaylin Walli gaylinwalli at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 14:03:38 PDT 2012

Yes! Thank you. That was what I was looking for. I knew I had the right
book. I was just in the wrong room. :)


Johnnae wrote:

> It came to me later on last night that if you use the Warner 1790 edition
> of the FoC, the Arundel 334 is in the back of that edition. The association
> of the recipe with the FoC wouldn't be all that far fetched.
> [...]
> [This is actually Arundel 334.]
>> Pygge in barre. Take a pigge and farse (fluff) hym, and roste hym, and in
>> the rostynge endorse (lafle) hym; and when he is rosted lay orethwart him
>> over one barre of silver foile, and another of golde, and serve hym forthe
>> so al hole to the borde for a lorde.

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