[Sca-cooks] Almost here!

Jim and Andi Houston jimandandi at cox.net
Wed Apr 18 18:15:23 PDT 2012

I leave tomorrow noon for Known World Cooks & Bards!  

I'm teaching:
The Nimatnama: Fusion Cuisine from 15th Century India - Sunday at 1pm
Introduction, redacted recipes, discussion of background and special
ingredients, and sample feast menus from this 15th century central Indian
cooking manuscript. 

So You Want to Cook an Indian Feast - Saturday at 1pm 
Intro to medieval Indian cooking manuscripts, samples of medieval Indian
dishes, sample menus, modern vs. medieval Indian cooking, tips for staying
under budget, sourcing exotic ingredients, and those extra details to make
Indian feasts more authentically medieval. Ethnic does not equal Medieval!
Class fee $5.

Liepa Jonaskaite and I will be on site Friday evening through Sunday night.
I'll be the only person there with huge gold earrings with Laurel wreaths on
them and a nose ring of unusual size. If you see me, please come and
introduce yourself. I'm really looking forward to connecting faces with
names from this list and talking in person!

An Crosaire, Trimaris

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