[Sca-cooks] free U-Tube class of interest to many SCA folks

Claire Clarke angharad at adam.com.au
Thu Apr 19 15:33:05 PDT 2012

Message: 4
The program is called Coursera. Feel free to google it for more info.

A History of the World since 1300
Jeremy Adelman
Humanities and Social Sciences
17th Sep, 2012
12 weeks
Coursera (Princeton University)


It's not til next fall, but I'm putting it on my calender.

Please pass this on to other SCA folks who might be interested.
A free plug from me...

I have been taking courses with Coursera for the last couple of terms, and
I'm really impressed. The model for running the courses is really great
(it's not just You-Tube videos).
My only note of warning is that some of them can take up a lot of time (they
really are full on university level courses). And you may not be able to
stop at one...


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