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I probably could have tested it, but it didn't occur to me at the time, and it was the last bottle of it we had.

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Tre mentioned:
<<< My husband makes cider and we had a batch go to vinegar, so I saved it to use for some of my SCA cooking. I made a cucumber salad for a recent event which I've made before with commercial cider vinegar. Usually, if I soak the cucumbers longer than a few hours, it comes out very tart. This time, using our homemade vinegar, I soaked them for several days, and still had some sweetness left. I was actually worried about it a bit, because the vinegar was MUCH sweeter than commercial vinegar...but it worked out really well.>>>

Did you test the acidity of the vinegar? This would be an interesting bit of evidence. This won't tell you how strong the vinegar is, but it would tell you how acidic.

It's been well over a quarter century since I had high school chemistry, but can't you test for acid levels fairly accurately, and easily with litmus paper?


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