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You might also talking to the folks at Jorvik. There's also the Viking Food Yahoo list, a spin-off from the Norsefolk list. it's been pretty dead for a while, but a question like this might start things up again; And there's also the Authentic Viking Food group on Facebook. The problem I think you're going to run into is that because of the nature of the evidence for Viking vegetables there's a lot of uncertainty about the *types* of vegetables they had, much less the varieties.  


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> Actually, I hadn't seen this yet, as
> I'm not familiar with the Gauntlet. I do have at least one
> of the books, though, and I'll see what it says. (I may also
> try another trip up to the Anglo Saxon Village at West Stow
> to see if they have more information, although their focus
> isn't on plant species/varieties.)
> I will also try contacting some of the other groups you
> mentioned. Thank you.
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> vegetables
> I presume you saw the article
> "Medieval and Renaissance Cookery, Cookbooks, and Foods from
> Scandinavia" which
> was published last fall in the Gauntlet.
> Works that examine plants and were listed therein include:
> Medieval Food Traditions in Northern Europe. Edited by
> Sabine Karg. Copenhagen: National Museum of Denmark, 2007.
> (National Museum Studies in Archaeology & History volume
> 12.) Botanical lists of plants gleaned from various sites.
> Hanseatic Germany, Estonia, and Northern Poland; medieval
> Finland; Sweden and the Hanse; also medieval Denmark; and
> Norway.
> Banham, Debby. Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon England.
> Stroud, Gloucestershire: Tempus, 2004.
> Hagen, Ann. Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink. Hockwold cum Wilton,
> Norfolk, England: Anglo-Saxon Books, 2006. Combined one
> volume version of: A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food:
> Processing and Consumption, 1992, and A Second handbook of
> Anglo-Saxon Food & Drink : Production &
> Distribution, 1995. Hagen works are classics that are widely
> cited.
> Have you contacted or been in touch with other early period
> groups?
> Regia Anglorum provides articles on the Viking period http://www.regia.org/listings.htm as do the email lists
> maintained by Vikings-NA http://www.vikingsna.com/ and The
> Vikings. http://www.vikingsonline.org.uk/
> Johnnae
> On Apr 25, 2012, at 2:26 PM, Tre wrote:
> > snipped I'm trying to find varieties of several
> vegetables that would be at least close to the
> viking/anglo-saxon varieties.
> > snipped
> > Has anyone done research into this, or have any ideas
> as to where I could find the information?
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