[Sca-cooks] Early Period varieties of vegetables

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Wed Apr 25 21:57:48 PDT 2012

A loose head cabbage like Savoy cabbage or a white head cabbage will 
probably come closest to what was available, as well as the kale you 
mentioned.  Sea kale might also fill the bill, but it is probably too 
difficult to find.

For carrot information, try the Carrot Museum, 
http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/ .  John Stolarcyzk and I have exchanged a few 
reference papers on the subject.


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From: "Tre" <trekatz at yahoo.com>

Hmm...thanks. I may rethink the purple carrots then, and just use parsnips 
instead, as part of my research is showing that carrots and parsnips were 
almost interchangeable for a while, since they were very similar. I'll do 
further research first, though, as I keep finding conflicting information. 
(Currently I'm looking up information specifically on the history of 

Thanks for the guess about the onions, too. I may try using shallots. I may 
actually be able to find something close to a wild onion, though. A yellow 
onion, though, seems to be the flavor I'm looking for.

If head cabbages were available...what KIND of head cabbage? I've found 
pointy ones, round ones, and ones with dark, veiny leaves... and the red 
ones. It's the same problem I have with onions. "Cabbage" is a wide term, 
and the flavors and textures vary greatly.

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