[Sca-cooks] Festins merovingiens -- new cookbook

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Mon Apr 30 18:17:02 PDT 2012

The problem is that the book is not new these days. It's been out for several years.
If we had all rushed out and bought copies when it was first mentioned back almost exactly two years ago on May 2, 2010
we might have been able to locate and purchase copies fairly easily.
Tracking down an actual copy today that is affordable is going to be much more difficult.

For those who are interested the noted/linked review below is still available and worth reading.


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> Date: May 2, 2010 10:39:43 AM EDT
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> There's this book also.
> Festins  mérovingiens  DIERKENS  (Alain)  et  PLOUVIER (Liliane)  éds.,
> Bruxelles,  Le  Livre Timperman, 2008.
> un vol. in‐8,  240  p.,   8 pl.   couleur.   Prix  :35  €.
> Review is here  http://www.menestrel.fr/IMG/pdf/Dierkens-Plouvier.pdf
> I already sent Liutgard  the details. The other book which can be interlibrary loaned is
> Creating Community With Food and Drink in Merovingian Gaul by Bonnie Effros.
> Johnnae

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