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>> If you have ever seen rabbit hanging in a butcher shop and been able to
>> compare it to cat, without the head and tail and feet on, they are just
>> about identical.  In fact when I lived in Spain, the local butcher insisted
>> on keeping those parts ON so his customers were confident in their meat
>> selection.
>There's an old Spanish proverb, "vender gato for liebre" (to sell cat as hare).
>Brighid ni Chiarain
Here's an article from CNN, back in 2010, which attests that in Tuscany, they did eat cat meat during WWII:


In Genoese dialect, cat is known as "levre de cuppi" (in Italian, "lepre di tegole,") rabbit of the roof tiles, and is referred to in a folk song:


Butchers in Genoa have to keep the heads and tails on their rabbits, to show customers that they are not selling cat.

Adelisa Salernitana

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