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It is my understanding that one of the alternative European slang names for cat when translated into English is "roof rabbit".  Just don't recall which language.  When I was working for a major US southwestern metropolis's city health department I was told of a restaurant in that city that the department shut down because they were caught serving "gato tacos".  Will not name the chain.  I recall hearing of a member of the Society who had an alternative persona of a beggar and was reportedly collecting cat skins from road kills to make a kitty fur cloak.  Never saw it but the mental picture was outre.  Cat tails hanging off it as a fringe across the back at shoulder height and cat faces on the shoulders. It might be suggested that she check out road kill.  At the very least they would be dead already and thus if fresh ready to be processed.


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The author Ronald Searle was in Singapore when it fell to the Japanese early in 1942. He spent the rest of the WWII in a POW camp.
I read his memoir about his experiences Ronald Searle: To the Kwai and Back, War Drawings 1939-1945 and remember quite vividly that he described that they ate a cat and her kittens for Christmas Day the one year. It was the first meat they had had for months. He weighed at one point only 6 stone or 84 pounds. I wouldn't begrudge anyone eating anything they could get their hands on under such circumstances.


On Aug 2, 2012, at 2:33 PM, Christiane wrote:
> Here's an article from CNN, back in 2010, which attests that in Tuscany, they did eat cat meat during WWII:
> http://articles.cnn.com/2010-02-24/world/italy.chef.cat_1_cat-sanctuary-pet-cat-cat-many-times?_s=PM:WORLD
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