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My interpretation of traditional eel cooking in New Zealand is simply
smoking or simply slice and grill or BBQ.  Not sure if the Maori have other
recipes, or what other recipes people have come across.  Pie would be an
obvious one, but I've never seen it.  In terms of restaurant food it's more
commonly Asian cuisine.  I must say that what river you spear the eel in
reputably affects the taste.  The one our scouts speared when I was a leader
was out of a rather muddy stream, and tasted like it.  It was O.K.  but not
sellable.  There is however a very small eel trapping industry here.

Possum (Australian not American possum) would put people off because of the
risk of TB.  Rabbit is not commonly available in shops, but since it is a
national pest large numbers of rabbits are shot.  I still like to shoot
bunnies and possums whenever I get the chance.  So many families have
favourite recipes. I have had a couple of stews including at SCA events.
Lots of small bones, and variable flavour as it depends on the forage, etc.,
but mostly reasonable meat.


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On 8/2/2012 9:20 PM, Dama Antonia wrote:
> *shrug*
> I'm always confused by the negative reactions people outside NZ seem 
> to have to the suggestion of eel (usually considered a treat here) and 
> game in general.

Unless it is at a sushi bar.  For some reason, nobody seems to object to
unagi with that yummy sweet sauce!  I may go shop at the Asian market and
make some eel pies.  Got any favorite recipes for eel, milady?  Yes I could
look it up but I want to know what YOU like.

Selene Colfox
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