[Sca-cooks] medieval/renaissance architectural construction crews & related food references

Gaylin Walli gaylinwalli at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 05:26:04 PDT 2012

Bear wrote:

> Medieval and Renaissance construction was centered around the craft
> guilds, mason, painters, carpenters, etc.  Without knowing precisely what
> you are after, try googling medieval construction, medieval mason guilds,
> medieval carpenter guilds and medieval painter guilds for images.

Having already googled, I thought to ask here as my google fu failed.
Perhaps I can make myself more clear. Say a building needed to be built.
Say that it's a stone building in large part, perhaps a castle keep or a
cathedral. There would clearly be construction workers on site at said
building. What would they have eaten? Would the various guild groups have
eaten something different? Would they have brought their own food or fed

Margaret wrote:

> Are you interested more in the "crew" aspect or the "architectural
> construction" aspect. There are laws concerning road building, including
> (as I recall) the feeding of crews --and road building is often a civic
> duty, rather than a guild controlled employment (at least in England).

Actually this information would be very useful. Do you have any source
references? I'd be interested in the differences between architectural
guild-based employment and civic employment.

Daniel wrote:

> Side note you might find the kid's books "Castle" and "Cathedral" of
> interest in their simple succinct descriptions of who did what in their
> construction.

The kids books I have access to don't talk much about the food that these
people ate. Do the ones you've read talk about this? I'd be interested in
knowing the names of the books if they do.

Johnnae wrote:

> You might start with books by Joseph Gies.

Thankyou. Was there something in particular you remember about them that
seemed useful in this instance?

Thanks all,


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