[Sca-cooks] medieval/renaissance architectural construction crews & related food references

Gaylin Walli gaylinwalli at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 04:15:29 PDT 2012

Suey wrote:

> I do not understand the question. Are we talking about
> medieval/renaissance architectural constructions concerning alimentation or
> about what construction workers ate? Are we talking about England or Europe
> in general?

I am interested in what construction workers ate. Information from England
would be fine. I'm interested in all cultures, however, and their
differences would be enlightening.

> If talking about what construction workers ate  - J.C. Drummond in his
> book "The Englishman's Food, Chapter III titled "Meals of the People,"
> divides the people of medieval times into four classes: the nobleman,
> villager laborer, the artisan, and wealthy merchant

Thank you for this reference. I'll see if I can find a copy of this book I
can borrow.

Bear wrote:

> My understanding of what is being discussed is the diet and eating customs
> of construction workers in Medieval and Renaissance Europe.  English
> records are more accessible for most of us.

Yes, this is correct.

Any guild might have a guild banquet, but it would have been for masters
> and high value journeymen of the guild and likely would serve as a forum
> for internal guild politics.

This intrigues me. Do you happen to know if we have record of what was
served at any of these banquets?

> Consider also, that an engineer, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, would likely
> be a member of the household of his patron during a project, while a master
> craftsman and his assistants would likely be hired for the project, but not
> be part of the household.

Hmm. This too interests me. I'd be interested in looking into the patron
house of Da Vinci in general. I wonder if there are food references here
too? :)

Thanks again, folks. This is all very interesting to me and gives me points
to work from. If you have more ideas, even crazy ones, I'm obviously
willing to take them.


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