[Sca-cooks] Unmitigated bullpucky

Galefridus Peregrinus galefridus at optimum.net
Tue Aug 14 05:55:50 PDT 2012

As some of you know, I am an academic librarian. In one of my earlier positions, law firms made fairly heavy use of the library where I worked. Once or twice, I was asked to provide a certified copy, which involved signing a statement saying that a particular photocopy was a true copy of the original document. It seems that there was something in the law of the state where I worked that allowed librarians to certify such things.

That said, I have never heard of any such certification being required for even the must rigorous academic research. To do so strikes me as very peculiar.

-- Galefridus

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> I was just chatting with a buddy who is currently attempting to jump 
> through some hoops over at the EK brewers guild.
> He has been informed that to document a project of his, he has to 
> provide *notarized* copies of *primary* sources.
>  In other words, he needs to find a copy of a document that is prior to 
> 1600, and get it into the presence of a notary public while it is copied 
> for him so the notary can document it is an exact copy of said 
> documentation.
> At least that is what he is claiming.
> Last I knew, I do not know of *any* museum or library that will release 
> an exhibit so it can be hauled off to be copied in front of a notary 
> public .... and I can say that of the several notaries I know 
> personally, I can not name one that would randomly take a day off of 
> work to go to a museum or library that is not local to them so they can 
> watch someone make a copy of some exhibit ... let alone head overseas to 
> a foreign library or museum.
> Christ on a crutch, this is a freaking hobby - what ever happened to 
> allowing a book with a reprint of the information like we did in the 
> past .... That jackass he is dealing with should be very glad I am not 
> the person involved or there would be a serious fecalmatter storm 
> hitting the rotational cooling device. I can bloody well guarantee that 
> that jackass didn't document that *thoroughly*.

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