[Sca-cooks] any advice for someone starting a cook's group?

Kathleen Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Tue Aug 14 06:37:51 PDT 2012

Yes, I finally am biting the bullet and trying to start a cooks group in the barony.  I am looking at a loose confederation combining email group, meetings at various restaurants of interest, hands on at members houses and supporting the barony and kingdom through the culinary arts.  And of course, tooting the horn that period food can be good eats.
If anyone has any words of wisdom I would greatly appreciated.  My "are you interested" email went out yesterday, and I have 20 people interested already!  YIKES!!!!
The one issue I am not negotiable about is that even though it is a Baronial group, it is not to be considered the defacto kitchen crew or feast stewards for the events in the barony.
All other suggestions will be happily considered.
Cailte where-is-my-mind-? Caitchairn
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