[Sca-cooks] Documentation, was Bullpucky

Deborah Hammons mistressaldyth at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 10:59:37 PDT 2012

In the beginning, there was Fabuluous Feasts.  We got better.  :-))  Our
collective pool of knowledge and the means to share that knowledge got

Interkingdom anthropology aside, most " competitions" seem to have vastly
different requirements as to what is acceptable documentation.  Each
discipline has different expectations.  And in some cases, some disciplines
have very little in acceptable primary source material.

I entered a "moderate" level A&S once.  One of my judges said I had no
documentation.  Abysmal score.  Books were right beside the entry.  The
judge wanted a thesis paper that would stand alone without the physical

One year I was asked to judge A&S at Estrella.  The category that needed
help was majolica pottery.  Which I knew nothing about.  I read up on it.
Asked some pottery people about it.  At the competition, the winning entry
was a very plain, NOT majolica cup.  The documentation was printed internet
pages, in German.  About the kiln the person built to fire the piece in.
At the debrief, I was told in no uncertain terms I did not understand what
the category was all about.  I obviously did not.  "He made a kiln!!!"  Was
not even his kiln in the pictures on the internet printed pages.  That kind
of inconsistency doesn't help our new artisans in ANY discipline keep their
enthusiasm long.

So the fella needing a notarized note from God will likely need someone
else to notarize the note saying God actually signed it.  Loosing

I really like the "easy" documentation explaination that my better half
gives his students.  Tell me how they did it.  Tell me how you did it.  If
there are differences in how they did and how you did, tell me what they
are and why.  And put that in writing.  Run it through a spelling and
grammar check.  Pick a format.

I wish all things seemed that simple.


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