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I am working and writing at collegiate doctoral thesis level for my PhD. I have never been asked by a professor for a notary. I have been asked to prove my original sources which can be a huge grey area when the original source is a thrice translated document translated from a surviving scrap of Saga. That's when physical evidence is needed.
It has always bothered me to find judges judging my entries who have no knowledge of the subject. Now, grant you much of my presentation is on the Saami Culture. This means I have to do better in my presentation and explanation. I presented a traditional Saami drink as a Pentathlon entry. It was milk preserved with angelica. I received severe low marks because it tasted sour. I even documented that it was going to taste sour and not candy sweet. To me it means I have to work harder in my explanations.
I do think there is a wide discrepancy in expectations on presentations. I do respect that when made a Laural that you are representing all Laurals Kingdoms wide and that ones knowledge must be Laural quality. But, is that collegiate PhD level or what? I have presented papers on both sides of the fence; having received A+/Honors on one side and poor marks on the other for the same paper. 
My two cents for this Budding Laural and PhD Canidate..
Aelina Vesterlundr

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You never know who is authorized to cosign.  :-))  I totally agree that
that level of authenticity is outrageous.


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> cosigned by Buddha?
> Whom would you accept as a witness?  The Pope?  The Dalai Lama?  Billy
> Graham?  Shiva?  Zeus?
> Tim Tebow?
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> > So the fella needing a notarized note from God will likely need someone
> > else to notarize the note saying God actually signed it.  Loosing
> > proposition.
> >
> > I wish all things seemed that simple.
> >
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